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Power Plant Engineering Solutions

We have been working about "Electro - Mechanical Engineering, Procurement, Construction Contracting" for Power Plants & Industrial Plants in Turkiye, Europa, Middle East and Africa Countries for over 20 years. BERR Industry’s modular design strategy enables us to deliver integrated EPC services to construct power plants in cogeneration, combined cycle and simple cycle gas turbine configurations. We implement tested and proven processes to provide fast-track reliable power solutions.

Our services include plant removal, relocation and reassembly services for existing power plants. From small industrials to large frame-type gas turbines and everything in between, our relocation and construction teams are capable of completing the most challenging assignment.

Also BERR Industry provides engineering services for "Power Plant Conceptual Engineering, Implementation and Upgrading". BERR has extensive experience in a variety of power generation systems while providing expertise in Control Systems, Mechanical Design and Electrical Engineering. Also Power Plant Erection, Supervising, Commissioning, Maintenance, Operation, Training and ReLocation Services are in our scope of works.

PLANT ERECTION SERVICE BERR Erection Service includes steel structure erection of the power plants as Enclosure, Air Inlet Filter, Condenser Unit, Heat Recovery Steam Boiler, Pipe Racks, Base Frames, etc... Our Erection Works for the power sector as well as other allied industries including petrochemicals, steel and cement.

SUPERVISING SERVICE BERR Supervising Service includes Power Plants' Electromechanical Mounting, Assembly, Installation, Levelling, Alignment, Equipment Removal, Part Replacement, Equipment Refurbishment, Maintenance Works. By the way Project Management and Planning Works are in our scope.

COMMISSIONING SERVICE BERR Commissioning Service includes pre-commissioning works and commissioning works. Commissioning has completed according to the instruction manuel / commissioning procedures of the equipment. It includes "Pickling, Flushing, NDT Testing, Leveling, Diagnostic Safety Systems, Fire Up, Start Up, Running Procedure"

MAINTENANCE SERVICE BERR Maintenance Service includes Technological Maintenance which are Rotary Equipment, Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Diesel Engines, Gas Engines, Bearings, Gear Boxes, Pipe Lines Equipment, Instrumentation Devices Maintenance Works.

PLANT RELOCATION SERVICE BERR Relocation Service includes Technological Plant Relocation Management ans Site Works these are Feasibility, De-commissioning, Disassembly, Removal, Marking, Labeling, Loading/Lifting, Packaging, Reporting, Transporting, Unloading, Replacing - Erection, Commissioning Works.

PLANT OPERATION SERVICE Our project-specific solutions for power plant owners range from full performance based total Operation and Maintenance to reduced scope services such as "Maintenance Engineering" and the mobilization of new project operations, including the provision of the technical specialists, tools and processes for the facility. BERR Plant Operation Service includes Continously Production & Process Operation of the Simple Cycle and Combine Cycle Power Plants. Besides We have got experienced Diesel / Natural Gas Engine Power Plants.

Skilled Power Plant Specialist

Power Plant Engineering Solutions

BERR provides site fabrication & field erection for mechanical structures & complete plants on a turn key basis. With our skilled staff we offer reliable and expert project management services for civil construction, steel support structures, pipeline installation, electrical & controls, and installation of Heavy machineries for business sectors like "Steel, Power, Cement, Mining, Petrochemical & Others" world wide.

BERR's main strength is an experienced team of technically competent engineering personnel and skilled site workers, which support the company in executing these turn key projects in a timely manner sometimes in very remote parts of the world.

BERR also offers economical multi year services for operating a customer's plant along with maintenance assistance in a variety of industries. We strive to complete the work within the committed time period and in pre-approved budget. These services are custom tailored to each client's specific requirement and operating conditions.

Our Wide Range of Erection Services Include:

  • Erection Planning and Management
  • Work Scheduling, Site Management Engineering
  • Technical Consulting & Analysis
  • Engineering Studies to Support New or Plant Expansions
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis
  • Third-party Capital Identification and Recommendations
  • Procurement of Major Equipment and Balance of Plant
  • Civil Engineering and Construction
  • HSE/QA/QC Engineering and Reporting
  • Steel Structure Fabrication and Erection
  • Turbine/Engine Mounting and Erection
  • HRSG, Boiler, Condensing, Auxiliary Units Erection
  • Medium & High Pressure Pipe Fabrication
  • ManPower / Labor Force Providing

Power Plant Erection ans Supervision Service

Power Plant Comprehensive Maintenance Service

Power and Rotary Equipment Maintenance and Erection

Power Plant Supervision and Commissioning Service

Our specialty is to support with supervisors and management during erection and commissioning of power plants. We have long experience with both European and Chinese equipment suppliers. We have around 20 turbine specialist employed who is experienced and dedicated to support our valued clients around the world. Further we have 3-4 people in our electric engineering office.

BERR will assure the success of your projects with our professional approach, skilled employees, and fast response time and with a lot of flexibility when it comes to adjusting your human resources.We offer a wide range of solutions that all can be custom designed to fit perfectly into your setup, thereby fulfilling your targets and goals. Contact BERR now and get the best and most professional guidance when it comes to power plant supervision.

Our Wide Range of Supervision Services Include:

  • Supervision / Management of Site, Erection and Performance Tests
  • Supervision Procedures Control
  • Power Plant Steel Structure Supervision Works
  • to Provide the Supervisor Engineers & Technicians
  • Power Plant Auxiliary Equipment & Unit Supervision Works
  • Pre-Commissioning Works and Measurements
  • Turbine and Generator Inspection, General Maintenance and Repair
  • Repair/Refurbishment and Alignment of Turbine/Engine/Generator
  • Complete Overhaul of Turbines, Boilers and Auxiliary Equipment of the Power Plants
  • Trouble shooting and Root-Cause Analysis
  • Plant Performance Evaluation
  • Heat & Emissions Measurements
  • Technical Plant Survey and Feasibility Study
  • Implementation of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems
  • On-line or on-site support of Distributed Control Systems

Power Plant Commissioning and Management

BERR Industry's start-to-finish commissioning services can help you prepare for safe, reliable operations. Commissioning is a critical stage in the life of any facility. The process may be thought of as a series of vital checks that are undertaken before actual operation begins. Our complete commissioning services can play an important role in minimising project risks and achieving performance goals right from the start.

Our Wide Range of Commissioning Services Include:

  • Commissioning Management Team and Specialist Providing
  • Consulting ( Project Controls Development, Project Certification )
  • Supervision and engineering ( All Disciplines)
  • Provision of Technicians (Field, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical)
  • ElectroMechanical Cold & Hot Tests
  • Commissioning Procedures Control
  • Materials, Logistics & HSE/permit-to-work ("PTW") Coordination
  • Project Data Entry
  • Punch List Coordination
  • Certification & Handover

Power Plant Maintenance and Overhaul

BERR Industry is a leading global provider of operations and maintenance ( O&M ) services to the oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, metals, mining, power, and manufacturing industries. O&M services include plant maintenance, facility management, operations support, asset performance improvement, operations readiness, start-up and commissioning, and small capital project design and construction.

Our project-specific solutions for power plant owners range from full performance based total Operation and Maintenance to reduced scope services such as Maintenance Engineering and the mobilization of new project operations, including the provision of the technical specialists, tools and processes for the facility. The technologies covered by BERR Industry’s services include conventional fuelled power plants, using both gas and coal Steam Turbines, as well as Combined Cycle Gas Turbine plants.

Power Plant and Rotary Equipment Maintenance and Repair Works

Power Plant Operation Services

In consonance with our mission to provide reliable power at the most competitive lifetime cost per Megawatt, we offer comprehensive operation and maintenance services for power plants, through our own experienced manpower and proprietary processes. The key objective is to keep our customer's investments productive, by continuously optimising their operations with an aim to enhance availability, output, efficiency of power plant along with power plant life. A scientific program of preventive maintenance and periodic repair ensures that the plant remains in peak condition.

In generally, We interested in Diesel/Gas Engine and Simple Cycle Power Plants for Long-Term Operation Contracting.

Refinery and Power Plant Turn Key Relocation

Disassembling, Transport, Reconstruction and Other Services Related to the Relocation Projects.

Brand new isn't always the only option. Sometimes, constructing new process, industrial or power plants isn't the best approach for a number of reasons: cost effectiveness, fast-tracked scheduling or environmental issues, for example. Plant Relocation BERR Industry is a trusted partner in relocating existing plant infrastructure anywhere in the world. We can assist you in the turnkey dismantling, transport, and re-construction of plant equipment, machinery, and systems.

Relocation Steps:

  • Relocation Management and Planning
  • Plant Dismantling / Decommissioning
  • Pipe Lines and Equipment DisAssembling
  • Steel Structures Dismantling
  • Machine Line and Equipment Removal Works
  • Mechanical & Electrical Marking and Labeling
  • Equipment Packaging and Loading
  • Tranportation and UnLoading
  • Equipment Mounting / Assembly
  • Machine & Equipment Overhaul/Refurbishment
  • Automation UpGrading
  • Civil and Construction
  • Electrical and Mechanical Tests and Commissioning

Our Experienced Service-Engineers Provide the Following Activities:

  • Planning, organization and supervision of entire relocation process
  • Assistance and supervision of disassembly, transportation and reconstruction
  • Implementation of upgrades, optimization strategies and other improvements
  • Procurement and delivery of additional components and spare parts

Second Hand and Used Power Plant and Equipment

In generally, Our clients interested in un-used or under the good conditions equipment and power plants. We offer our clients "Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Diesel Engines, Gas GenSets and Power Plant's Main & Auxiliary Equipment.

BERR Industry buys and sells complete Power Plants and Power Generation Equipment for Relocation. Contact BERR Industry today to discuss your next project and learn how we can save you time and money.

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